John Tabacco

John Tabacco is an American composer, singer songwriter, engineer, multi instrumentalist, and graphic artist. He is co-founder of SA3 (the cutting edge in analog to digital conversion technology for sound and video) and has engineered /mixed and mastered music for hundreds of New York recording artists as well as projects released on BMG: The Kemelions, RCA: Faze, Rampage/Rhino: Rhett Forrester, Columbia: Rebbie Jackson, Rykodisc : Bob Marley, Columbia: Chris Jasper, Electra: Sonia Dada and Nickleodeon’s Are You Afraid Of The Dark? He is the CEO of It Iz What It Iz Music Publishing which currently holds over 600 songs in its catalog. His music background consists of extensive study of orchestration with noted 20th century composer John Lessard, harmony with the late electronic music maverick Bulent Arel, composition with Stony Brook University professor Peter Winkler and big band arranging with Ed Palermo. He received his BA in Music from Stony Brook University in 1983. Like an unfolding musical diary / puzzle, Tabacco’s music and art are constantly being re-worked, juxtaposed and intertwined. His style is a melding of pop-jazz-rock-avant garde/aleatory, classical and comedy.

Recent Interviews:

John Tabacco interview with Tony Trombo / Mind Bender Radio part 1 (February 25th, 2014) 

 John Tabacco interview with Tony Trombo / Mind Bender Radio part 2 (March 25th, 2014)


John Tabacco - Unfulfilled Shopping Carts Syndrome

John Tabacco "Unfulfilled Shopping Carts Syndrome"
featuring John Tabacco, Patricia Amendolia, Joe Gioglio, Danny Lipsitz, Anthony Pommes, Susan DeVita, Peter Kearns, Barry Hartglass, Dan Elrlich.

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John Tabacco - Feeding The Spirit

John Tabacco "Feeding The Spirit" (EP)

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